Size Guide

Chest : 22.5 cm - 27.5cm
Neck : 15cm - 17.5 cm
Please provide length

Chest : 27.5 cm - 32.5cm
Neck : 17.5cm - 22.5 cm 
Please provide length

Chest : 35 cm - 42.5cm
Neck : 22.5cm - 27.5 cm
Please provide length

Chest : 42.5 cm - 47.5cm
Neck : 27.5cm - 32.5 cm
Please provide length

Chest : 47.5 cm - 52.5 cm
Neck : 32.5 cm - 37.5 cm
Please provide length

Chest : 52.5cm - 57.5 cm
Neck : 37.5cm - 42.5 cm
Please provide length

Chest : 57.5cm - 62.5 cm
Neck : 45 - 50 cm
Please provide length

Adult Large Breed (4 - 6XL)
Please provide measurements detail.

Size Guide

Dear our valued customer,

To order your furbabies' clothes from Bougie, Please first measure as follow:

NECK -  Measure around your furbabies' neck where its collar would naturally rest.

CHEST -  This measurement is taken all the way around the widest part of your furbabies' ribcage, just behind the front legs. Where the heart beat is.

LENGTH - Measure along the top of your furbabies' spine from between the shoulders to the base of the tail. 

Dress will be made full body length.

Vest will be made 1/2 back length.

Some shirt designs, inner shirts (to tuxedo / suit) will be made 3/4 back length.

Sweater, hoodie, pullover, and some shirt designs will be made 7/8 back length.

Please read our size guidelines carefully (video provided).

Our clothes are individually tailored and handmade to order with 7 (seven) business days lead time period (longer lead time for orders larger than 50 pieces).

Due to the unique nature of our items, we do not accept returns or exchanges for any purchased goods once the payment is received.

Thank you for choosing ButikDoggy!

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