About Us

Hi, my name is Sally, and this is a story about ButikDoggy, or Bougie in short, and the people behind it. Welcome and thank you for reading about our history!

When the monetary crisis struck Indonesia in 1998, we lost our family business, and we were considering re-homing our dogs. Luckily, our family business was in sleepwear garments, and it was almost like it was meant to be. With the utmost intention to keep all of our dogs, we had our dogs be a part of our dog clothing business’ journey. My dad who was a mechanical-electrical engineer (yes, he had a double degree) helped us with the system while my mom, Siska, whose background is a fashion designer, started designing dogs’ clothing, and she and I marketed them door to door. We were ecstatic every single time an order came in – and I was just 11 at the time.

A decade went by and it was 2008 – and I was in my third year of university, studying architecture. I was also working as an intern in a design house where I met one of my bosses, whose job was to develop websites. His name is Frans, and he was kind enough to teach me how to develop my own website. I was so eager to learn as I immediately thought of our business and what the website could do to broaden our customer base. I bought my first ever web domain and all I could think of was our dogs and the clothing we made because of them, and so I chose www.butikdoggy.com. Butik Doggy is a phrase in our nation’s native language, Bahasa Indonesia. Butik Doggy literally means a boutique for dogs and I am sure even if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, you would still understand what Butik Doggy means.

Flash-forward another decade and today I am in my thirties, my brainchild ButikDoggy is in her twenties and our workshop had survived moving cities three times. We are now located in The Springs, Summarecon Serpong. We have opened and closed our shops in Kawasaki, Japan, and in Bali. Eventually in 2018 we partnered to open another shop in Toronto, Canada. Once again, we were lucky.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit we had to downsize our production base back to our home garage but today we are equipped with over 20 years of experience and knowledge. Our machines have been upgraded and so has our skills. We are now focusing only on the quality of the materials (so we often hand-carry and import our materials from abroad!) and measuring perfect fit of our clothes to your furbabies’ measurements. Our customers are filtered down to those with sartorial minds (hugs and kisses to you classy pawrents!) and so now we open our door to have your furbabies measurements taken in our workshop, directly by Mrs. Siska herself and to meet our furbabies!

See you soon!


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